Far away from home, close to your health

Argentinean and Foreign Patients

INTECNUS’s Argentinean and Foreign Patient Care Program is aimed at providing comprehensive care to patients who attend our centre from abroad or from different parts of Argentina. Its most important aspects are:

Answering questions posed by patients or other institutions, whether they are made in person, or by e-mail/phone.
Coordinating with health insurers, in order to obtain approval for the procedures.
Providing advice with regards to accommodation, air or overland transport options as well as on leisure/well-being activities available nearby.
Accompanying the patient and their family.
We offer you high-quality medical services
Located in San Carlos de Bariloche, on the way to the Catedral Peak, INTECNUS counts on advanced technology and infrastructure for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of oncological, cardiac, neurological and endocrine conditions, among others.

Our radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging departments, equipped with the latest technology, make us one of the leading healthcare providers in Latin America. We are also one of the few centres in Argentina with both complex diagnostic hybrid equipment, and a cyclotron/radiopharmacy. This allows us to carry out studies with radiopharmaceuticals developed in-house.
Why Argentina, why San Carlos de Bariloche?
Argentina has produced three Nobel laureates in the field of medical research: Dr Bernardo Alberto Houssay, Dr Luis Federico Leloir and Dr César Milstein. Argentina’s infrastructure and technological resources are of first world quality, with safe healthcare, food, water and 24-hour medical attention. There are a wide range of very high-quality medical services available in Argentina, without waiting lists. Bariloche’s richness, variety and beauty, with its unique, nurturing and friendly natural surroundings will aid you during your treatment and recovery.

In order to make your stay more pleasant, we have obtained a 15% discount on the price given on the website in the following establishments for our patients who travel here from different provinces or from abroad


Hyland Travel will help you to organise your trip to INTECNUS. Their help will ensure that you can focus exclusively on the most important parts of your trip: your tests and/or treatment in our institution.


As members of the Argentina Medical Tourism Chamber, we can obtain special airfares with the Argentinean state airline, Aerolíneas Argentinas. Please ask us when requesting your visit, and we will let you know how to obtain this benefit.



We are at your disposal for any questions you may have about the studies and treatments that we provide at Fundación Intecnus


    Estamos a tu disposición por cualquier consulta que quieras realizar sobre los estudios y tratamientos que brindamos en Fundación Intecnus

      How to get involved

      1. You can contact us by either completing the e-mail form or calling +54 9294 474 6050.
      2. Our multi-disciplinary patient evaluation team will evaluate your case. If necessary, we may ask you to send us your medical reports.
      3. We will reply to you with the medical recommendations given to us by our committee, along with an estimate.
      4. Should you decide to be cared for by us, our patient administrators will contact you in order to discuss the details with you. This would include the date and time of your appointment, as well as how to get to our institution. We will also explain to you how your procedure(s) will be carried out.
      5. On the date of your appointment, we will welcome you to INTECNUS, and we will help you during the entire length of your stay.

      Protocolo de atención

      1. Comunicate con nosotros completando nuestro formulario de contacto o llamando al teléfono +54 294 474 6050 para hacernos tu consulta inicial.
      2. Nuestro Comité Interdisciplinario de Evaluación de Pacientes analizará tu consulta y si es necesario, te solicitaremos informes médicos.
      3. Te enviaremos una respuesta con la recomendación médica indicada por nuestro Comité y presupuesto del procedimiento, según sea de diagnóstico o tratamiento.
      4. Si tu decisión es recibir atención en Fundación Intecnus, nuestra área de Administración Asistencial se pondrá en contacto con vos para coordinar los detalles de la atención: día, lugar y hora de recepción en nuestra Institución y todo el circuito de atención de exámenes previstos.
      5. En la fecha cordada, te recibiremos en nuestra Fundación y te asistiremos durante todo el período de atención.


      Nuestros pacientes internacionales comparten su experiencia en Fundación Intecnus


      Nuestro compromiso es brindarles una atención eficiente, cálida y amigable en el entorno natural único que ofrece San Carlos de Bariloche, propicio y amigable para los procesos terapéuticos y de restablecimiento de la salud.

      Nuestro objetivo es facilitar a aquellos pacientes que residen en distintas provincias de Argentina y en el exterior el acceso a los servicios de salud de referencia nacional e internacional para diagnóstico y tratamiento con los que cuenta nuestra Fundación.


      Our mission is to help patients who come from abroad, or from other Argentinean provinces, to access our centre’s diagnostic and treatment services. These services are of the highest national and international standards.

      We aim to treat you efficiently, with warmth and compassion, in the unique natural setting of San Carlos de Bariloche. Bariloche is a friendly city, which will help you in your recovery.